We Clean “What You Can’t See”

Healthier Environments Inc specializes in testing for toxic materials such as mold and mildew and fire and smoke.

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Welcome to Healthier Environments, Inc.

Healthier Environments was established to help people by treating the surfaces in their environment to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria like mold and mildew. We can treat all surfaces, both porous and non porous; drywall,carpet, furniture, clothing,etc to create a Healthier Environment for everyone; including animals. We have a registered antimicrobial designed for this purpose. You may not be able to see it, but odor causing bacteria growing on surfaces is common in South Florida interiors and exteriors. Military and Veteran Discount 10% off mold testing and price depends on the environmental square foot and location. Senior Citizen Discount 10% off mold testing and price depends on the environmental square foot and location. 25% Discount for Disabled Veterans off mold testing and pricing depends on the environmental square foot and location.


  • Protects virtually all surfaces, both porous and non-porous
  • Prevents a wide range of microbial growth for up to 90 days
  • Safe, water-based and non-toxic formula
  • Non-leaching and no off-gassing issues
  • Doesn’t use poisons, which prevents the creation of new and more dangerous strains of bacteria.

An allergen-free home is a happy home, call today to be mold free. The images in the folder are licenced.

We clean what you can’t see

We has been testing for mold, airborne odor’s and other potential toxic material for over ten years in South Florida. We are very price conscience and our goal is within our name; we want to provide a Healthier Environments for your home your business, or both.
We use professional non toxic products and the latest approved processes to assure the removal of air and surface contaminants prior to our surface and air protective applications. Inside & Outside Surfaces.
Application of ADD A Shield, surface Protection that protects virtually all Home & Commercial surfaces.

Surface and Air Testing and Treatments for a Healthier and Safer Home & Office Environment.


What Our Client Says

“He was a great guy, had amazing service. I do think I owe him due to how his service was. I would use him again in the future.”

Cheryl W. in Port St Lucie, FL

“They performed an Anti-Microbial Fogging of my condominium. We were suffering from air quality issues and could not seem to clean enough, but this treatment took our home environment to another level. John is a very well educated professional in his field and will consult and guide you to a solution that best suits your situation. His immediate and kind response to our problem was a godsend. If you have any issues in regards to air quality, this is the place to start. Many thanks, John. Our home environment has been improved dramatically. I would recommend this process as a standard for any new home purchase or for any new rental. It’s a very worthwhile investment for all environments whether it be work, school or the home. Thanks, John!”

Robert P. in Stuart, FL

“Very fast at responding and did the treatment the next day, the owner was very informative and clearly experienced.”

Saundra B. in Jupiter, FL

“Truly professional, caring and courteous on the phone. Looking forward to seeing their work and am optimistic.”

Sarah B. in Jensen Beach, FL


Does ADD-A-SHIELD begin working immediately?2019-04-16T16:25:55+05:30

ADD-A-SHIELD starts to works as it dries(3-5 minutes) and the bacteria comes into contacts with the treated surface. ADD-A-SHIELD then works continuously to maintain a consistently lower bio-burden than would be expected on a surface without ADD-A-SHIELD protection.

How do I know that ADD-A-SHIELD is safe?2019-04-17T13:54:01+05:30

ADD-A-SHIELD technology has undergone extensive independent laboratory testing and has a long history of safe use. It is registered with the EPA for all applications listed on the label.

What are the directions for Use?2019-04-17T13:55:52+05:30

The label for ADD-A-SHIELD is the best indicator of some of the possible uses an EPA registered product must be used and sold according to its APPROVAL LABEL USES in the case of ADD-A-SHIELD; this is a plus to be used against other products.

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