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Boats • Cruise ships

Boats • Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are huge, but even so, when you put thousands of passengers and crew on vessels even that big, it’s a pretty close-in setup that creates a situation where germs and bacteria can be transmitted rapidly. Few things ruin a cruise as fast as passengers or crew getting sick.

Boats, ships – watercraft of all sizes – can benefit from the Healthier Environments’ safe and affordable fogging treatment. Our technology allows for a layer of protection to be put down on virtually any surface that lasts as long as 90 days.

For smaller boat owners, spraying on ADD-A-SHIELD makes cleaning barnacles and algae from the hulll much easier to remove – read scraping becomes a simple wipe job.

  • Seats
  • Live well
  • Sleeping berths
  • Exterior surfaces
  • Interior corridors
  • Galleys
  • Dining areas
  • Foyers, staircases
  • Restrooms and showers
  • High contact areas (handrails, handles, etc.)


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