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Hospitality • Travel

Hotels and other similar entities rely on their housekeeping crew to keep rooms clean and disinfected for guests. And while most do an outstanding job, there is only so much the cleaners can do. As soon as the next guest comes, the room is subjected to an entirely new set of germs and bacteria that simple disinfectants are powerless to stop.

The Healthier Environments approach can go a long way toward assuring guest rooms and commons areas will be protected for an extended period of time. Our service will ensure that bacteria, germs and viruses will find an inhospitable environment. For as long as 90 days, the invisible biostatic layer of protection will perform.

Our technology can be used in the laundry wash cycle or to spray bedding, mattresses and other fabrics, eliminating odor and extending the life of the materials.

Mold, mildew and algae in restrooms have no chance after we have done a safe and affordable fogging.

Our cutting-edge service can bolster confidence among guests and staff, and it is a powerful statement that says ‘No Vacancy” to germs and bacteria.

  • Restrooms and showers
  • Lobbies
  • Guest rooms
  • Snack areas
  • Interior corridors
  • Courtesy vehicles
  • Front desk areas
  • High contact surfaces (doorknobs, keyboards, telephones)
  • Any surfaces where germs, mold and mildew encroach


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