The Technology

The Technology


The molecule that is the foundation for the technology we use in our fogging mix is critical to our success. It forms a tenacious bond to the treated surface and forms a microscopic bed of spikes that actually punctures the cell walls of microbes (germs) as they come into contact with it. The spikes are columns of positively charged carbon atoms, and they pierce and shock microbes to inhibit them by mechanical method. This process is superior to the use of simple disinfectants that simply kill germs on contact and have no staying power. In other words, a soon as someone touches a disinfected surface or airborne germs and pathogens come into contact with it, it once again is literally covered with germs. In contrast, our treatment inhibits microbes and bacteria for up to 90 days – even through normal cleaning – on hard surfaces and fabrics. (If you are interested, we would be happy to supply you with data from independent testing that shows empirically its efficacy).

It provides durable anti static properties on all types of fibers. Importantly, this EPA-registered (EPA filing 75174-2) and USDA-accepted inhibits microbes and viruses without poisons and heavy metals and without harming human cell structures.

  • Environmentally friendly and safe
  • Water-based and non-toxic, using no harmful poisons and heavy metals
  • Non-leaching
  • Lasts for as long as 90 days on fabrics and surfaces
  • Reduces and controls odor caused by bacteria

We firmly believe that the best products and people in the world come from the U.S.A., and we use only American technology and products.

Go Green

We use only technologies that are proven through rigorous independent testing to be gentle with the environment and pose no risk to humans and animals.

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